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Who is Arrowhead Health Alliance?

Arrowhead Health Alliance (AHA) is a collaboration between the Health and Human Services agencies of Carlton, Cook, Lake, Koochiching and St. Louis counties in northeastern Minnesota.

Through a variety of forward-thinking initiatives, we work together to help residents access services and counties access funding opportunities. We serve as a virtual hub of innovation and resource development for our member counties as well as a model for agencies in other counties. We value collaboration and innovation.


What is the Arrowhead Telepresence Coalition?

The Arrowhead Telepresence Coalition is in process of developing an integrated behavioral health network utilizing telepresence connectivity to link community mental health resources with schools, jails, law enforcement, tribal providers and others to improve access to services in northeastern Minnesota. Internet based Telepresence connectivity is made possible through a collaborative agreement between Arrowhead Health Alliance (AHA), Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Our Project Charter with DHS and MNIT entitled Collaborative Integration in Person Centered Services: Integrated Behavioral Health was initiated in January of 2016.


Who are the Coalition members?

The Arrowhead Telepresence Coalition is a regional collaborative of seven counties, three tribes, community mental health providers, crisis response providers, health care providers, jails, schools, MNIT and DHS. Coalition partners are using telepresence technology to provide behavioral health services to non-traditional settings within the region.


How can I join the Coalition?

Everyone who is currently a part of the Coalition is using Vidyo for behavioral health client services. Please fill out our Vidyo Request Form if you are interested in using Vidyo for person-centered behavioral health services.

*Note* We are still in the process of developing a Vidyo Request Form, in the meantime please use the Contact Us page.

What do I need to know/do to get Vidyo for my organization?

Both technology and bandwidth have particular requirements. In some cases, the ATC can help with providing equipment, in order to fill in the missing pieces. It is also important to have a dedicated person within your organization that takes on the responsibility of being a ‘superuser’ – meaning they can make sure the technology has had all necessary software updates on a regular basis, highly trained with the Vidyo program, and available to assist colleagues when necessary.

What are the bandwidth requirements?

The program requires 4mbps up/down. The more people are using it on the same network, the more bandwidth it will consume.

What are the technology requirements?
Model Minimum Requirement
Processor N/A
Operating System Core 2 Duo 2 GHZ
Free Space on HDD 2 GB
Webcam 40 Mb
USB Headset Example Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
Speakerphone Example Logitech USB ClearChat
Example – Phoenix Duet


What kind of organizations are on the DHS Vidyo network?

The network within the Arrowhead Region consists of County Public Health and Human Services Offices, Schools, Jails, Correctional Facilities, Clinics, Community Health Centers, Mobile Crisis Teams, and various other Behavioral Health Professionals.

Please refer to our Organizational Account List for the most up to date list. For a full list of names please contact Savanah Thompson, or login to the Community Portal.


How many users are there in the Arrowhead Region?

As of November 3rd, 2017 there are 289 users.


What is the cost to join?

At this time, there is no monetary cost to join the network, however, we do require feedback in return for the service. Per our Charter Agreement with DHS, we want to know what is working, what is not working, things we could do to improve, and so on. We have a survey, and also welcome phone calls and emails.


Who do I contact to get started?

Please use the Vidyo Request Form if you are interested in joining the network.

*Note* We are still in the process of developing a Vidyo Request Form, in the meantime please use the Contact Us page.

What resources will I have once I am on the network?

The ATC will be an ongoing partner to the organizations with any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, everyone has access to the DHS help desk.