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For the first time the MN State Fair will feature Mental Health Awareness!

Visitors can explore mental health and wellness resources through inspiring stage performances, music, demonstrations, yoga, information, and much more. More than 30 awareness-raising activities, many of them geared for children and teens, will be offered. The event is free with fair admission and will be held on August 27, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Dan Patch Park located next to the Grandstand. The State Fair provides a unique opportunity to educate a very large and diverse group of people about mental health and well-being, which is important for every Minnesotan. Led by the MN State Advisory Council on Mental Health & Subcommittee on Children’s Mental Health and NAMI Minnesota, over 40 organizations will participate in the day’s activities.

Partner organizations include:
1. American Indian Mental Health Advisory Council
2. Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
3. Arrowhead Telepresence Coalition
4. Aspire MN
5. Canvas Health
6. Community Involvement Programs
7. Crisis Text Line
8. Headway Emotional Health
9. Health Partners
10. Hennepin County Adult Mental Health Local Advisory Council
11. Lutheran Social Service
12. Melrose Center
13. Mental Health Minnesota
14. Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health
15. Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health
16. Minnesota Counseling Association
17. Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development- Vocational Rehabilitation Service
18. Minnesota Department of Health
19. Minnesota Department of Human Services: Behavioral Health Division
20. Minnesota Disability Law Center
21. Minnesota Psychiatric Society
22. Minnesota Psychological Association
23. Minnesota School Counselors Association
24. Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Plans
25. Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators
26. Nystrom & Associates
28. People Incorporated
29. PrairieCare
30. Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota
31. Protect Your Crown
32. This is Medicaid
33. UCare
34. University of Minnesota Extension
35. Vail Place
36. Wellness in the Woods

Stage performances include:
● 8:00AM: Drum circle by the American Indian Mental Health Advisory Council
● 8:30AM: Yoga with Megha Varghese
● 9:15AM: Fidgety Fairy Tales
● 10:15AM: Hilarious World of Depression with John Moe
● 11:00AM: Interview with Ted Matthews, psychologist with Minnesota Department of Agriculture
● 11:15AM: Fidgety Fairy Tales
● 12:00PM: Music with Elsa Lee
● 1:00PM: Interview with Rick Aberman, Director of Peak Performance with the Minnesota Twins
● 1:20PM: Therapy animals with Pet Partners
● 1:40PM: Youth performance from the Irreducible Grace Foundation
● 2:15PM: Music with Katana Da Don
● 3:15PM: Music with Joyann Parker
● 4:30PM: Music with Adam Levy of the Honeydogs
● 5:30PM: Drum circle by the American Indian Mental Health Advisory Council

The event will also include guest emcee appearances by Dr. Kaz Nelson (Mind Deconstructed),
Alisha Perkins and Colleen Lindstrom (podcasters, Chili and Mimosas ), Bob Collins (Minnesota
Public Radio), and Bryan Piatt (Kare 11).

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